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Lemur::TextQueryRetMethod Member List

This is the complete list of members for Lemur::TextQueryRetMethod, including all inherited members.
Dispose()Lemur::TextQueryRetMethod [inline, virtual]
getCPtr(TextQueryRetMethod obj)Lemur::TextQueryRetMethod [inline, private, static]
scoreCollection(QueryRep qry, IndexedRealVector results)Lemur::RetrievalMethod [inline, virtual]
swigCMemOwnLemur::RetrievalMethod [protected]
swigCPtrLemur::TextQueryRetMethod [private]
TextQueryRetMethod(IntPtr cPtr, bool cMemoryOwn)Lemur::TextQueryRetMethod [inline, private]
TextQueryRetMethod(RetrievalMethod m)Lemur::TextQueryRetMethod [inline]
updateQuery(QueryRep qryRep, WeightedIDSet relDocs)Lemur::RetrievalMethod [inline, virtual]
~TextQueryRetMethod()Lemur::TextQueryRetMethod [inline, private]

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