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00001 #ifndef _KEYREF_H_
00002 #define _KEYREF_H_
00004 int keyrec_lc    (void *pointer);
00005 int set_bof      (void *f);
00006 int set_eof      (void *f);
00007 int get_ptr      (void *f, char *key, int key_lc, void *pointer);
00008 int put_ptr      (void *f, char *key, int key_lc, void *pointer);
00009 int delete_ptr   (void *f, char *key, int key_lc);
00010 int next_ptr     (void *f, char *key, int *key_lc, int max_key_lc, void *pointer);
00011 int prev_ptr     (void *f, char *key, int *key_lc, int max_key_lc, void *pointer);
00012 int get_rec      (void *f, char *key, int key_lc, void *rec, int *lc, int max_rec_lc);
00013 int put_rec      (void *f, char *key, int key_lc, void *rec, int lc);
00014 int delete_rec   (void *f, char *key, int key_lc);
00015 int next_rec     (void *f, char *key, int *key_lc, int max_key_lc,
00016                           void *rec, int *rec_lc, int max_rec_lc);
00017 int prev_rec     (void *f, char *key, int *key_lc, int max_key_lc,
00018                           void *rec, int *rec_lc, int max_rec_lc);
00019 int get_subrec   (void *f, void *pointer, int offset, int bytes_to_read,
00020                            void *rec, int *bytes_actually_read, int max_lc);
00021 int open_key     (void *f, char *id, int fcb_lc, int read_only);
00022 int create_key   (void *f, char *id, int fcb_lc);
00023 int create_key_ld(void *f, char *id, int fcb_lc, int data_in_index_lc);
00024 int close_key    (void *f);
00026 #endif

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