Open Index

Before an analysis task can be accomplished, the document index must be opened.

  1. Download the sample Reuters index from SourceForge: SourceForge Lemur Project Page.

  2. Unzip the

  3. Select Open Index from the File menu.

    Example:  Open index
  4. Use the file browser to select a dataset.

  5. After the index is opened, the index name is displayed in Indexes pane. The number of documents it contains is displayed in parentheses next to its name, and its properties are displayed in the Index Properties tab. The index is now available for use.

    Example:  Select index
  6. Multiple indexes can be open at the same time. Use the Indexes pane to select the dataset that you want to work with next.

  7. Sifaka remembers indexes that were used in the past. When Sifaka is closed and reopened, recent indexes are listed in the File menu so that they can be opened with one click.

    Example:  Index history