Searching the Index

Sifaka contains a search engine, and supports typical text search capabilities.

Example 1 - Performing a Search

  1. Select an index from the Indexes pane.

  2. Select the Search tab in the right content tab pane.

  3. Enter the query, for example: interest rates.

  4. Click on the first link to open the document.

    Example:  Open document
  5. Query terms (e.g., interest rates) are highlighted automatically. To find any term in the document, for example "Japan", enter it in the top right text field and press "Find". All occurrences of the term in the document are highlighted.

    Example:  Display document
  6. If the query matches many documents, they will appear on multiple search results pages. Continue to any page of results by clicking the page number or the left or right arrows at the bottom of the Search tab.

    Example:  Multiple search results

Example 2 - Performing a Phrase Search

  1. Phrase queries are indicated by words in double quote marks, for example "interest rates". Phrase queries only match document terms that occur in the same order and near each other.

  2. Click on the first link to open the document.

  3. The whole phrase (e.g., interest rates) is highlighted automatically.

Query Guidelines