Word Entity Duet: Indexing Entities

The Word Entity Duet project provides an entity indexing application, which can store entities from the Freebase API data dumps in an Elasticsearch index.

Entity Indexing Steps

  1. Increase the heap space used by Elasticsearch. In elasticsearch-6.1.2/config/jvm.options, set -Xmx and -Xms to at least 2G (preferably 4g - 16g if possible.)
  2. Start Elasticsearch.
  3. Download the Freebase API data dumps and these Freebase/Wikidata Mappings.
  4. Create a properties file for indexing.
  5. Start indexing with this command: java -jar -Xmx4G freebaseentityindexer.jar indexentities.properties. Use at least 2G of heap space (preferably 4G - 8G).