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Indri::IndexEnvironment Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual void Dispose ()
 IndexEnvironment ()
void setDocumentRoot (string documentRoot)
void setAnchorTextPath (string anchorTextRoot)
void setOffsetMetadataPath (string offsetMetadataRoot)
void setOffsetAnnotationsPath (string offsetAnnotationsRoot)
void addFileClass (string name, string iterator, string parser, string tokenizer, string startDocTag, string endDocTag, string endMetadataTag, StringVector include, StringVector exclude, StringVector index, StringVector metadata, ConfMap conflations)
Specification getFileClassSpec (string name)
void addFileClass (Specification spec)
void deleteDocument (int documentID)
void setIndexedFields (StringVector fieldNames)
void setNumericField (string fieldName, bool isNumeric, string parserName)
void setNumericField (string fieldName, bool isNumeric)
void setOrdinalField (string fieldName, bool isOrdinal)
void setParentalField (string fieldName, bool isParental)
void setMetadataIndexedFields (StringVector forward, StringVector backward)
void setStopwords (StringVector stopwords)
void setStemmer (string stemmer)
void setMemory (long memory)
void setNormalization (bool normalize)
void setStoreDocs (bool flag)
void create (string repositoryPath, IndexStatus callback)
void create (string repositoryPath)
void open (string repositoryPath, IndexStatus callback)
void open (string repositoryPath)
void close ()
void addFile (string fileName)
void addFile (string fileName, string fileClass)
int addString (string fileName, string fileClass, MetadataPairSTDVector metadata)
int addParsedDocument (ParsedDocument document)
int documentsIndexed ()
int documentsSeen ()

Protected Attributes

bool swigCMemOwn

Private Member Functions

internal IndexEnvironment (IntPtr cPtr, bool cMemoryOwn)
 ~IndexEnvironment ()

Static Private Member Functions

internal HandleRef getCPtr (IndexEnvironment obj)

Private Attributes

HandleRef swigCPtr

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

internal Indri::IndexEnvironment::IndexEnvironment IntPtr  cPtr,
bool  cMemoryOwn
[inline, private]

Indri::IndexEnvironment::~IndexEnvironment  )  [inline, private]

Indri::IndexEnvironment::IndexEnvironment  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::addFile string  fileName,
string  fileClass

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::addFile string  fileName  )  [inline]

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::addFileClass Specification  spec  )  [inline]

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::addFileClass string  name,
string  iterator,
string  parser,
string  tokenizer,
string  startDocTag,
string  endDocTag,
string  endMetadataTag,
StringVector  include,
StringVector  exclude,
StringVector  index,
StringVector  metadata,
ConfMap  conflations

int Indri::IndexEnvironment::addParsedDocument ParsedDocument  document  )  [inline]

int Indri::IndexEnvironment::addString string  fileName,
string  fileClass,
MetadataPairSTDVector  metadata

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::close  )  [inline]

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::create string  repositoryPath  )  [inline]

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::create string  repositoryPath,
IndexStatus  callback

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::deleteDocument int  documentID  )  [inline]

virtual void Indri::IndexEnvironment::Dispose  )  [inline, virtual]

int Indri::IndexEnvironment::documentsIndexed  )  [inline]

int Indri::IndexEnvironment::documentsSeen  )  [inline]

internal HandleRef Indri::IndexEnvironment::getCPtr IndexEnvironment  obj  )  [inline, static, private]

Specification Indri::IndexEnvironment::getFileClassSpec string  name  )  [inline]

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::open string  repositoryPath  )  [inline]

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::open string  repositoryPath,
IndexStatus  callback

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::setAnchorTextPath string  anchorTextRoot  )  [inline]

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::setDocumentRoot string  documentRoot  )  [inline]

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::setIndexedFields StringVector  fieldNames  )  [inline]

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::setMemory long  memory  )  [inline]

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::setMetadataIndexedFields StringVector  forward,
StringVector  backward

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::setNormalization bool  normalize  )  [inline]

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::setNumericField string  fieldName,
bool  isNumeric

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::setNumericField string  fieldName,
bool  isNumeric,
string  parserName

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::setOffsetAnnotationsPath string  offsetAnnotationsRoot  )  [inline]

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::setOffsetMetadataPath string  offsetMetadataRoot  )  [inline]

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::setOrdinalField string  fieldName,
bool  isOrdinal

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::setParentalField string  fieldName,
bool  isParental

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::setStemmer string  stemmer  )  [inline]

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::setStopwords StringVector  stopwords  )  [inline]

void Indri::IndexEnvironment::setStoreDocs bool  flag  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

bool Indri::IndexEnvironment::swigCMemOwn [protected]

HandleRef Indri::IndexEnvironment::swigCPtr [private]

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