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Indri::ParsedDocumentVector::ParsedDocumentVectorEnumerator Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 ParsedDocumentVectorEnumerator (ParsedDocumentVector collection)
bool MoveNext ()
void Reset ()


ParsedDocument Current
object System.Collections.IEnumerator. Current

Private Attributes

ParsedDocumentVector collectionRef
int currentIndex
object currentObject
int currentSize

Detailed Description

Note that the IEnumerator documentation requires an InvalidOperationException to be thrown whenever the collection is modified. This has been done for changes in the size of the collection but not when one of the elements of the collection is modified as it is a bit tricky to detect unmanaged code that modifies the collection under our feet.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Indri::ParsedDocumentVector::ParsedDocumentVectorEnumerator::ParsedDocumentVectorEnumerator ParsedDocumentVector  collection  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

bool Indri::ParsedDocumentVector::ParsedDocumentVectorEnumerator::MoveNext  )  [inline]

void Indri::ParsedDocumentVector::ParsedDocumentVectorEnumerator::Reset  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

ParsedDocumentVector Indri::ParsedDocumentVector::ParsedDocumentVectorEnumerator::collectionRef [private]

int Indri::ParsedDocumentVector::ParsedDocumentVectorEnumerator::currentIndex [private]

object Indri::ParsedDocumentVector::ParsedDocumentVectorEnumerator::currentObject [private]

int Indri::ParsedDocumentVector::ParsedDocumentVectorEnumerator::currentSize [private]

Property Documentation

object System.Collections.IEnumerator. Indri::ParsedDocumentVector::ParsedDocumentVectorEnumerator::Current [get, private]

ParsedDocument Indri::ParsedDocumentVector::ParsedDocumentVectorEnumerator::Current [get]

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