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Lemur::Index Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

virtual void Dispose ()
bool open (string indexName)
int term (string word)
string term (int termID)
int document (string docIDStr)
string document (int docID)
DocumentManager docManager (int docID)
int docCount ()
int termCountUnique ()
int termCount (int termID)
int termCount ()
float docLengthAvg ()
int docCount (int termID)
int docLength (int docID)
DocInfoList docInfoList (int termID)
TermInfoList termInfoList (int docID)
TermInfoList termInfoListSeq (int docID)
void setProps ()

Protected Attributes

bool swigCMemOwn

Private Member Functions

internal Index (IntPtr cPtr, bool cMemoryOwn)
 ~Index ()

Static Private Member Functions

internal HandleRef getCPtr (Index obj)

Private Attributes

HandleRef swigCPtr

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

internal Lemur::Index::Index IntPtr  cPtr,
bool  cMemoryOwn
[inline, private]

Lemur::Index::~Index  )  [inline, private]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Lemur::Index::Dispose  )  [inline, virtual]

int Lemur::Index::docCount int  termID  )  [inline]

int Lemur::Index::docCount  )  [inline]

DocInfoList Lemur::Index::docInfoList int  termID  )  [inline]

int Lemur::Index::docLength int  docID  )  [inline]

float Lemur::Index::docLengthAvg  )  [inline]

DocumentManager Lemur::Index::docManager int  docID  )  [inline]

string Lemur::Index::document int  docID  )  [inline]

int Lemur::Index::document string  docIDStr  )  [inline]

internal HandleRef Lemur::Index::getCPtr Index  obj  )  [inline, static, private]

bool Lemur::Index::open string  indexName  )  [inline]

void Lemur::Index::setProps  )  [inline]

string Lemur::Index::term int  termID  )  [inline]

int Lemur::Index::term string  word  )  [inline]

int Lemur::Index::termCount  )  [inline]

int Lemur::Index::termCount int  termID  )  [inline]

int Lemur::Index::termCountUnique  )  [inline]

TermInfoList Lemur::Index::termInfoList int  docID  )  [inline]

TermInfoList Lemur::Index::termInfoListSeq int  docID  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

bool Lemur::Index::swigCMemOwn [protected]

HandleRef Lemur::Index::swigCPtr [private]

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