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QueryThread Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for QueryThread:

indri::thread::UtilityThread List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 QueryThread (std::queue< query_t * > &queries, std::priority_queue< query_t *, std::vector< query_t * >, query_t::greater > &output, indri::thread::Lockable &queueLock, indri::thread::ConditionVariable &queueEvent, indri::api::Parameters &params)
 ~QueryThread ()
UINT64 initialize ()
void deinitialize ()
bool hasWork ()
UINT64 work ()

Private Member Functions

void _runQuery (std::stringstream &output, const std::string &query, const std::string &queryType)
void _printResultRegion (std::stringstream &output, std::string queryIndex, int start, int end)
void _printResults (std::stringstream &output, std::string queryNumber)

Private Attributes

std::queue< query_t * > & _queries
std::priority_queue< query_t *,
std::vector< query_t * >,
query_t::greater > & 
indri::api::QueryEnvironment _environment
int _requested
int _initialRequested
bool _printDocuments
bool _printPassages
bool _printSnippets
bool _printQuery
std::string _runID
bool _trecFormat
bool _inexFormat
std::vector< indri::api::ScoredExtentResult_results

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QueryThread::QueryThread std::queue< query_t * > &  queries,
std::priority_queue< query_t *, std::vector< query_t * >, query_t::greater > &  output,
indri::thread::Lockable queueLock,
indri::thread::ConditionVariable queueEvent,
indri::api::Parameters params

QueryThread::~QueryThread  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

void QueryThread::_printResultRegion std::stringstream &  output,
std::string  queryIndex,
int  start,
int  end
[inline, private]

void QueryThread::_printResults std::stringstream &  output,
std::string  queryNumber
[inline, private]

void QueryThread::_runQuery std::stringstream &  output,
const std::string &  query,
const std::string &  queryType
[inline, private]

void QueryThread::deinitialize  )  [inline, virtual]

Implements indri::thread::UtilityThread.

bool QueryThread::hasWork  )  [inline, virtual]

Implements indri::thread::UtilityThread.

UINT64 QueryThread::initialize  )  [inline, virtual]

Implements indri::thread::UtilityThread.

UINT64 QueryThread::work  )  [inline, virtual]

Implements indri::thread::UtilityThread.

Member Data Documentation

indri::api::QueryAnnotation* QueryThread::_annotation [private]

indri::api::QueryEnvironment QueryThread::_environment [private]

indri::query::QueryExpander* QueryThread::_expander [private]

bool QueryThread::_inexFormat [private]

int QueryThread::_initialRequested [private]

std::priority_queue< query_t*, std::vector< query_t* >, query_t::greater >& QueryThread::_output [private]

indri::api::Parameters& QueryThread::_parameters [private]

bool QueryThread::_printDocuments [private]

bool QueryThread::_printPassages [private]

bool QueryThread::_printQuery [private]

bool QueryThread::_printSnippets [private]

std::queue< query_t* >& QueryThread::_queries [private]

indri::thread::ConditionVariable& QueryThread::_queueEvent [private]

indri::thread::Lockable& QueryThread::_queueLock [private]

int QueryThread::_requested [private]

std::vector<indri::api::ScoredExtentResult> QueryThread::_results [private]

std::string QueryThread::_runID [private]

bool QueryThread::_trecFormat [private]

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