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indri::file::BulkTreeIterator Class Reference

#include <BulkTree.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 BulkTreeIterator (File &file)
 BulkTreeIterator (File &file, UINT64 whichBlock, int whichPair)
void startIteration ()
bool finished ()
bool get (char *key, int keyLength, int &keyActual, char *value, int valueLength, int &valueActual)
bool get (UINT32 &key, char *value, int valueLength, int &valueActual)
void nextEntry ()

Private Member Functions

bool readCurrentBlockData ()

Private Attributes

UINT64 _fileLength
BulkBlock _block
int _pairIndex
UINT64 _blockIndex

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

indri::file::BulkTreeIterator::BulkTreeIterator File file  ) 

indri::file::BulkTreeIterator::BulkTreeIterator File file,
UINT64  whichBlock,
int  whichPair

Constructor to point the iterator at a specific entry within the bulk tree. If the parameters are out of bounds, then the iterator will point at the beginning of the tree.

file the bulk tree file
whichBlock the starting block
whichPair the starting index pair

Member Function Documentation

bool indri::file::BulkTreeIterator::finished  ) 

bool indri::file::BulkTreeIterator::get UINT32 key,
char *  value,
int  valueLength,
int &  valueActual

bool indri::file::BulkTreeIterator::get char *  key,
int  keyLength,
int &  keyActual,
char *  value,
int  valueLength,
int &  valueActual

void indri::file::BulkTreeIterator::nextEntry  ) 

bool indri::file::BulkTreeIterator::readCurrentBlockData  )  [private]

void indri::file::BulkTreeIterator::startIteration  ) 

Member Data Documentation

BulkBlock indri::file::BulkTreeIterator::_block [private]

UINT64 indri::file::BulkTreeIterator::_blockIndex [private]

File& indri::file::BulkTreeIterator::_file [private]

UINT64 indri::file::BulkTreeIterator::_fileLength [private]

int indri::file::BulkTreeIterator::_pairIndex [private]

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