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indri::index::DocumentStructure Class Reference

#include <DocumentStructure.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef indri::utility::greedy_vector<
int >::iterator 

Public Member Functions

 DocumentStructure (Index &index, const indri::utility::greedy_vector< indri::index::FieldExtent > &fields)
 DocumentStructure (Index &index)
 DocumentStructure ()
void loadStructure (const indri::utility::greedy_vector< indri::index::FieldExtent > &fields)
void setIndex (indri::index::Index &index)
indri::index::IndexgetIndex ()
 ~DocumentStructure ()
int parent (int node)
int length (int node)
int begin (int node)
int end (int node)
int accumulatedLength (int node)
int type (int node)
UINT64 number (int node)
child_iterator childrenBegin (int node)
child_iterator childrenEnd (int node)
int nodeCount ()
int findLeaf (int begin, int end, int root=-1)
std::set< int > * findLeafs (int begin, int end, bool exact=false)
void findLeafs (std::set< int > *leafs, int begin, int end, bool exact=false)
bool ancestor (int node, int possibleAncestor)
std::string path (int node)
int fieldId (const std::string path)
int > & 
topDownOrder ()
void topDownOrder (std::set< int > &roots, indri::utility::greedy_vector< int > &order)

Protected Member Functions

void _constructNodePath (std::stringstream &path, int node)
void _computeTopDownOrder ()
bool _findLeafs (int node, int begin, int end, bool exact, std::set< int > *leafs)

Protected Attributes

int _numNodes
int > 
int > 

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef indri::utility::greedy_vector<int>::iterator indri::index::DocumentStructure::child_iterator

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

indri::index::DocumentStructure::DocumentStructure Index index,
const indri::utility::greedy_vector< indri::index::FieldExtent > &  fields

indri::index::DocumentStructure::DocumentStructure Index index  )  [inline]

indri::index::DocumentStructure::DocumentStructure  )  [inline]

indri::index::DocumentStructure::~DocumentStructure  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void indri::index::DocumentStructure::_computeTopDownOrder  )  [protected]

void indri::index::DocumentStructure::_constructNodePath std::stringstream &  path,
int  node

bool indri::index::DocumentStructure::_findLeafs int  node,
int  begin,
int  end,
bool  exact,
std::set< int > *  leafs

int indri::index::DocumentStructure::accumulatedLength int  node  ) 

bool indri::index::DocumentStructure::ancestor int  node,
int  possibleAncestor

int indri::index::DocumentStructure::begin int  node  ) 

indri::index::DocumentStructure::child_iterator indri::index::DocumentStructure::childrenBegin int  node  ) 

indri::index::DocumentStructure::child_iterator indri::index::DocumentStructure::childrenEnd int  node  ) 

int indri::index::DocumentStructure::end int  node  ) 

int indri::index::DocumentStructure::fieldId const std::string  path  ) 

int indri::index::DocumentStructure::findLeaf int  begin,
int  end,
int  root = -1

void indri::index::DocumentStructure::findLeafs std::set< int > *  leafs,
int  begin,
int  end,
bool  exact = false

std::set< int > * indri::index::DocumentStructure::findLeafs int  begin,
int  end,
bool  exact = false

indri::index::Index* indri::index::DocumentStructure::getIndex  )  [inline]

int indri::index::DocumentStructure::length int  node  ) 

void indri::index::DocumentStructure::loadStructure const indri::utility::greedy_vector< indri::index::FieldExtent > &  fields  ) 

int indri::index::DocumentStructure::nodeCount  )  [inline]

UINT64 indri::index::DocumentStructure::number int  node  ) 

int indri::index::DocumentStructure::parent int  node  ) 

std::string indri::index::DocumentStructure::path int  node  ) 

void indri::index::DocumentStructure::setIndex indri::index::Index index  ) 

void indri::index::DocumentStructure::topDownOrder std::set< int > &  roots,
indri::utility::greedy_vector< int > &  order

indri::utility::greedy_vector< int > & indri::index::DocumentStructure::topDownOrder  ) 

int indri::index::DocumentStructure::type int  node  ) 

Member Data Documentation

indri::utility::greedy_vector<int> indri::index::DocumentStructure::_childrenBuff [protected]

Index* indri::index::DocumentStructure::_index [protected]

indri::utility::greedy_vector<nodeinfo_t> indri::index::DocumentStructure::_nodes [protected]

int indri::index::DocumentStructure::_numNodes [protected]

indri::utility::greedy_vector<int> indri::index::DocumentStructure::_topDownOrder [protected]

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