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ireval::IREvalGui Class Reference

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Private Attributes

JFrame frame
JTable resultsTable
DefaultTableModel resultsTableModel
JTextField qrel
JComboBox queries
JTextPane outputPane
Cursor waitCursor
Cursor defaultCursor
JFileChooser fileChooser
JButton rpButton
JButton pAtButton
JButton evaluateButton
String workingDir
String queryID
String baselineRanksFile
String judgmentsFile
TreeMap< String, ArrayList<
Judgment > > 

Detailed Description


Member Data Documentation

String ireval::IREvalGui::baselineRanksFile [private]

The result set to be evaluated. When performing comparison runs, this set is used as the baseline

Cursor ireval::IREvalGui::defaultCursor [private]

The default cursor

JButton ireval::IREvalGui::evaluateButton [private]

JFileChooser ireval::IREvalGui::fileChooser [private]

File chooser for selecting qrels and results files

JFrame ireval::IREvalGui::frame [private]

The main frame

TreeMap< String, ArrayList<Judgment> > ireval::IREvalGui::judgments [private]

The mapping of query ids to judgments.

String ireval::IREvalGui::judgmentsFile [private]

The relevance judgments file.

JTextPane ireval::IREvalGui::outputPane [private]

The main output pane.

JButton ireval::IREvalGui::pAtButton [private]

Show the P graph button

JTextField ireval::IREvalGui::qrel [private]

Relevance judgments filename

JComboBox ireval::IREvalGui::queries [private]

List of query ids available for single evaluation

String ireval::IREvalGui::queryID [private]

The id of the individual query being evaluated.

JTable ireval::IREvalGui::resultsTable [private]

DefaultTableModel ireval::IREvalGui::resultsTableModel [private]

JButton ireval::IREvalGui::rpButton [private]

Show the Recall/Precision graph button

Cursor ireval::IREvalGui::waitCursor [private]

The busy cursor

String ireval::IREvalGui::workingDir [private]

The currently selected directory for the file chooser. Initially, the current working directory at program start.

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