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lemur::api::DocMgrManager Class Reference

This is a factory class for creating and opening DocumentManagers. More...

#include <DocMgrManager.hpp>

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Static Public Member Functions

DocumentManagercreateDocMgr (string type, string name="", string parsetype="", string sources="")
DocumentManageropenDocMgr (const string name, bool readOnly=true)

Detailed Description

This is a factory class for creating and opening DocumentManagers.

New DocumentManagers should be added here.

Member Function Documentation

DocumentManager * lemur::api::DocMgrManager::createDocMgr string  type,
string  name = "",
string  parsetype = "",
string  sources = ""

create a new DocumentManager object Recognized types are: flat -- FlattextDocMgr; or bdm -- KeyfileDocMgr. elem -- ElemDocMgr.

DocumentManager * lemur::api::DocMgrManager::openDocMgr const string  name,
bool  readOnly = true

open an existing DocumentManager using the specified name similar to indexes, the DM's name extension should indicate what DM it is. Recognized extensions are : .flat -- FlattextDocMgr; or .bdm -- KeyfileDocMgr. elem -- ElemDocMgr. caller deletes

name the name of the document manager table of contents file.
readOnly open the manager in read only mode.

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