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lemur::api::FieldInfo Class Reference

Abstract Representation of Field Information Entry. More...

#include <FieldInfoList.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 FieldInfo ()
 FieldInfo (int _begin, int _end, int _id, INT64 _number=0, int _ordinal=0, int _parentOrdinal=0)
 FieldInfo (const FieldInfo &c)

Public Attributes

int begin
int end
int id
int ordinal
int parentOrdinal
INT64 number

Detailed Description

Abstract Representation of Field Information Entry.

This is an abstract class that represents the information associated with each field entry in a document. The basic information includes the begin and end positions of the field, the field ID (field type), the field ordinal and the parent ordinal.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lemur::api::FieldInfo::FieldInfo  )  [inline]

lemur::api::FieldInfo::FieldInfo int  _begin,
int  _end,
int  _id,
INT64  _number = 0,
int  _ordinal = 0,
int  _parentOrdinal = 0

lemur::api::FieldInfo::FieldInfo const FieldInfo c  )  [inline]

Member Data Documentation

int lemur::api::FieldInfo::begin

int lemur::api::FieldInfo::end

int lemur::api::FieldInfo::id

INT64 lemur::api::FieldInfo::number

int lemur::api::FieldInfo::ordinal

int lemur::api::FieldInfo::parentOrdinal

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