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lemur::api::MatchInfo Class Reference

Match information for a query within a document. More...

#include <MatchInfo.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~MatchInfo ()
 clean up.

int count () const
 number of matches

Static Public Member Functions

MatchInfogetMatches (const Index &ind, const Query &qry, DOCID_T docID)
 Advance to next document, return false if no more docs.

Private Member Functions

 MatchInfo ()
 Make an empty one.

void add (TERMID_T tid, int position, int start=-1, int end=-1)
 add an entry

void sort ()
 sort the list

Detailed Description

Match information for a query within a document.

Provides a list of match offsets (token based). Also provides byte offsets in source text when a DocumentManager is available to provide the raw document text. If the DocumentManager is a KeyfileDocMgr, the raw document text is not parsed, the offsets are retrieved directly.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual lemur::api::MatchInfo::~MatchInfo  )  [inline, virtual]

clean up.

lemur::api::MatchInfo::MatchInfo  )  [inline, private]

Make an empty one.

Member Function Documentation

void lemur::api::MatchInfo::add TERMID_T  tid,
int  position,
int  start = -1,
int  end = -1
[inline, private]

add an entry

int lemur::api::MatchInfo::count  )  const [inline]

number of matches

lemur::api::MatchInfo * lemur::api::MatchInfo::getMatches const Index ind,
const Query qry,

Advance to next document, return false if no more docs.

Construct the match list for a given query/document pair. Query would be better replaced by the QueryDocument class or some list of internal term ids derived from the input query.

void lemur::api::MatchInfo::sort  )  [inline, private]

sort the list

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