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lemur::distrib::LemurDBManager Class Reference

#include <LemurDBManager.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

void open (const string &dbname)
results_tquery (const char *query, int numdocs) const
 Query the database.

MemParsergetParser () const
doc_tgetDoc (const docid_t docid) const
 Get a document given its document id.

void output (const docid_t docid) const
 Write a document to file.

void setOutputFile (const string &filename) const
 Set output file name.

void close ()
 Close the database.

Private Attributes

ofstream * outfile

Detailed Description

Provides a simple wrapper to lemur databases for use with the query-based sampling code.

Member Function Documentation

void lemur::distrib::LemurDBManager::close  )  [virtual]

Close the database.

Implements lemur::distrib::DBManager.

lemur::distrib::doc_t * lemur::distrib::LemurDBManager::getDoc const docid_t  docid  )  const [virtual]

Get a document given its document id.

Implements lemur::distrib::DBManager.

lemur::distrib::MemParser * lemur::distrib::LemurDBManager::getParser  )  const [virtual]

Get the parser for the database. (This should always return the same parser.)

Implements lemur::distrib::DBManager.

void lemur::distrib::LemurDBManager::open const string &  dbname  )  [virtual]

Open a Lemur database - The dbname is a parameter file which specifies retrieval parameters as with RetEval.

Implements lemur::distrib::DBManager.

void lemur::distrib::LemurDBManager::output const docid_t  docid  )  const [virtual]

Write a document to file.

Implements lemur::distrib::DBManager.

lemur::distrib::results_t * lemur::distrib::LemurDBManager::query const char *  query,
int  numdocs
const [virtual]

Query the database.

Implements lemur::distrib::DBManager.

void lemur::distrib::LemurDBManager::setOutputFile const string &  filename  )  const [virtual]

Set output file name.

Implements lemur::distrib::DBManager.

Member Data Documentation

lemur::api::ScoreAccumulator* lemur::distrib::LemurDBManager::accumulator [private]

lemur::api::Index* lemur::distrib::LemurDBManager::index [private]

lemur::api::RetrievalMethod* lemur::distrib::LemurDBManager::model [private]

ofstream* lemur::distrib::LemurDBManager::outfile [mutable, private]

LemurMemParser* lemur::distrib::LemurDBManager::parser [private]

lemur::api::IndexedRealVector* lemur::distrib::LemurDBManager::results [private]

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