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lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler Class Reference

#include <QryBasedSampler.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 QryBasedSampler ()
 ~QryBasedSampler ()
bool probe (const char *initQuery)
void setDBManager (const DBManager *database)
 Set the dstabase manager.

const DBManagergetDBManager () const
void setFreqCounter (FreqCounter *counter)
const FreqCountergetFreqCounter () const
void setOutputPrefix (const string &prefix)
const string & getOutputPrefix () const
void setNumDocs (int n)
int getNumDocs () const
void setNumWords (int n)
int getNumWords () const
void setNumQueries (int n)
int getNumQueries () const
void setTermMode (int m)
int getTermMode () const
void setDocsPerQuery (int n)
int getDocsPerQuery () const

Private Attributes

const DBManagerdb
string outputPrefix
int termMode
int numDocs
int numWords
int numQueries
int docsPerQuery
docidset seenDocs

Detailed Description

Manages the sampling of documents from a database.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::QryBasedSampler  ) 

lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::~QryBasedSampler  ) 

Member Function Documentation

const lemur::distrib::DBManager * lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::getDBManager  )  const

Get a reference to the database manager.

int lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::getDocsPerQuery  )  const

Get the number of documents per query used.

const lemur::distrib::FreqCounter * lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::getFreqCounter  )  const

Get a reference to the frequency counter.

int lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::getNumDocs  )  const

Get the number of unique documents to retrieve.

int lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::getNumQueries  )  const

Get the number of queries to run.

int lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::getNumWords  )  const

Get the number of unique words to retrieve.

const string & lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::getOutputPrefix  )  const

Get the output prefix.

int lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::getTermMode  )  const

Get the termination mode.

bool lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::probe const char *  initQuery  ) 

Probe the database, using initQuery as the initial query.

void lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::setDBManager const DBManager database  ) 

Set the dstabase manager.

void lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::setDocsPerQuery int  n  ) 

Set the number of documents per query to use.

void lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::setFreqCounter FreqCounter counter  ) 

Set the frequency counter - this handles building the database description from documents.

void lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::setNumDocs int  n  ) 

Set the number of unique documents to retrieve.

void lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::setNumQueries int  n  ) 

Set the number of queries to run.

void lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::setNumWords int  n  ) 

Set the number of unique words to retrieve.

void lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::setOutputPrefix const string &  prefix  ) 

Set the ouput prefix - this prepended to the file names for documents and models. Documents are stored in and the model for a db is stored in prefix.model.

void lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::setTermMode int  m  ) 

Set the termination mode. To specify a disjunction of conditions, OR the modes together.

T_NDOCS - terminate on number of unique docs retrieved T_NWORDS - terminate on number of unique words retrieved T_NQRYS = terminate on number of quries run

Member Data Documentation

const DBManager* lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::db [private]

int lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::docsPerQuery [private]

FreqCounter* lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::freqCounter [private]

int lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::numDocs [private]

int lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::numQueries [private]

int lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::numWords [private]

string lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::outputPrefix [private]

docidset lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::seenDocs [private]

int lemur::distrib::QryBasedSampler::termMode [private]

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