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lemur::file::ReadBuffer Class Reference

#include <ReadBuffer.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ReadBuffer (File &file, size_t bufferSize, bool exclusiveAccess=true)
 ~ReadBuffer ()
void read (char *data, size_t length)
const char * peek (size_t length)
const char * read (size_t length)
void seekg (File::offset_type position, std::fstream::seekdir direction)
File::offset_type tellg ()
int rdstate ()
void invalidateg ()

Private Attributes

File::offset_type _filePosition
char * _buffer
size_t _bufferSize
size_t _bufferPosition
size_t _bufferDataLength
bool _gValid
bool _exclusiveAccess

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lemur::file::ReadBuffer::ReadBuffer File file,
size_t  bufferSize,
bool  exclusiveAccess = true

lemur::file::ReadBuffer::~ReadBuffer  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void lemur::file::ReadBuffer::invalidateg  ) 

const char * lemur::file::ReadBuffer::peek size_t  length  ) 

int lemur::file::ReadBuffer::rdstate  ) 

const char * lemur::file::ReadBuffer::read size_t  length  ) 

void lemur::file::ReadBuffer::read char *  data,
size_t  length

void lemur::file::ReadBuffer::seekg File::offset_type  position,
std::fstream::seekdir  direction

lemur::file::File::offset_type lemur::file::ReadBuffer::tellg  ) 

Member Data Documentation

char* lemur::file::ReadBuffer::_buffer [private]

size_t lemur::file::ReadBuffer::_bufferDataLength [private]

size_t lemur::file::ReadBuffer::_bufferPosition [private]

size_t lemur::file::ReadBuffer::_bufferSize [private]

bool lemur::file::ReadBuffer::_exclusiveAccess [private]

File& lemur::file::ReadBuffer::_file [private]

File::offset_type lemur::file::ReadBuffer::_filePosition [private]

bool lemur::file::ReadBuffer::_gValid [private]

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