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lemur::parse::IndriDocMgr Class Reference

#include <IndriDocMgr.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for lemur::parse::IndriDocMgr:

lemur::api::DocumentManager List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 IndriDocMgr (indri::collection::Repository &repository, string name="IndriDocMgr")
virtual ~IndriDocMgr ()
virtual bool open (const string &manname)
virtual char * getDoc (const lemur::api::EXDOCID_T &docID) const
 returns the document with the given docID (usually in raw format)

vector< MatchgetOffsets (const lemur::api::EXDOCID_T &docID) const
virtual lemur::api::ParsergetParser () const

virtual void buildMgr ()
 do nothing

virtual const string & getMyID () const
 get the ID string

Private Member Functions

indri::index::Index_indexWithDocument (indri::collection::Repository::index_state &indexes, lemur::api::DOCID_T documentID) const

Private Attributes

string _name

Detailed Description

The IndriDocMgr is able to retrieve a document given its external document id, and additionally to provide the byte offsets of the terms within a document
See also:
MatchInfo. It can not be built separately from its enclosing Repository, nor does it provide a Parser.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lemur::parse::IndriDocMgr::IndriDocMgr indri::collection::Repository repository,
string  name = "IndriDocMgr"

virtual lemur::parse::IndriDocMgr::~IndriDocMgr  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

indri::index::Index * lemur::parse::IndriDocMgr::_indexWithDocument indri::collection::Repository::index_state indexes,
lemur::api::DOCID_T  documentID
const [private]

virtual void lemur::parse::IndriDocMgr::buildMgr  )  [inline, virtual]

do nothing

Implements lemur::api::DocumentManager.

char * lemur::parse::IndriDocMgr::getDoc const lemur::api::EXDOCID_T docID  )  const [virtual]

returns the document with the given docID (usually in raw format)

virtual const string& lemur::parse::IndriDocMgr::getMyID  )  const [inline, virtual]

get the ID string

Implements lemur::api::DocumentManager.

vector< lemur::parse::Match > lemur::parse::IndriDocMgr::getOffsets const lemur::api::EXDOCID_T docID  )  const

get the array of Match entries for the tokens in the document named docID. The entries are indexed by token position (as is recorded in a TermInfoList object.

virtual lemur::api::Parser* lemur::parse::IndriDocMgr::getParser  )  const [inline, virtual]


Implements lemur::api::DocumentManager.

virtual bool lemur::parse::IndriDocMgr::open const string &  manname  )  [inline, virtual]

IndriDocMgr can only be opend by its enclosing Repository.

true vacuously

Implements lemur::api::DocumentManager.

Member Data Documentation

string lemur::parse::IndriDocMgr::_name [private]

indri::collection::Repository& lemur::parse::IndriDocMgr::_repository [private]

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