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lemur::parse::ReutersParser Class Reference

#include <ReutersParser.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for lemur::parse::ReutersParser:

lemur::api::Parser lemur::api::TextHandler List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 ReutersParser ()
void parseFile (const string &filename)
 Parse a file.

void parseBuffer (char *buf, int len)
 Parse a buffer.

long fileTell () const
 return the current byte position of the file being parsed

Static Public Attributes

const string identifier = "reuters"

Private Member Functions

void doParse ()
 Actual parsing action flow.

Private Attributes

int state
 The state of the parser.

Detailed Description

Parses documents in TREC format. Does case folding for words that are not in the acronym list. Contraction suffixes and possessive suffixes are stripped.

U.S.A., USA's, and USAs are converted to USA. Does not recognize acronyms with numbers.

The following fields are parsed: text, headline, title

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lemur::parse::ReutersParser::ReutersParser  ) 

Member Function Documentation

void lemur::parse::ReutersParser::doParse  )  [private]

Actual parsing action flow.

long lemur::parse::ReutersParser::fileTell  )  const [virtual]

return the current byte position of the file being parsed

Implements lemur::api::Parser.

void lemur::parse::ReutersParser::parseBuffer char *  buf,
int  len

Parse a buffer.

Implements lemur::api::Parser.

void lemur::parse::ReutersParser::parseFile const string &  filename  )  [virtual]

Parse a file.

Implements lemur::api::Parser.

Member Data Documentation

const string lemur::parse::ReutersParser::identifier = "reuters" [static]

Reimplemented from lemur::api::Parser.

int lemur::parse::ReutersParser::state [private]

The state of the parser.

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