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lemur::retrieval::InQueryRetMethod Class Reference

The InQuery retrieval method for structured queries. More...

#include <InQueryRetMethod.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for lemur::retrieval::InQueryRetMethod:

lemur::api::StructQueryRetMethod lemur::api::RetrievalMethod List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 InQueryRetMethod (const lemur::api::Index &dbIndex, double belief, int fbTerms, double fbCoef, bool cacheIDF)
virtual ~InQueryRetMethod ()
virtual StructQueryRepcomputeStructQueryRep (const lemur::api::TermQuery &qry)
virtual lemur::api::DocumentRepcomputeDocRep (lemur::api::DOCID_T docID)
virtual lemur::api::ScoreFunctionscoreFunc ()
 return the scoring function pointer

virtual void updateStructQuery (StructQueryRep &qryRep, const lemur::api::DocIDSet &relDocs)

Private Attributes

double * idfV
double fbCoeff
int fbTermCount
double defaultBelief
int docCount
double docLengthAverage

Detailed Description

The InQuery retrieval method for structured queries.

Implements the InQuery formulation of idf weighting and default belief value. Behavior can be modified by adjusting that value using the defaultBelief parameter. Provides feedback support in the same fashion as the LEMUR TFIDF method.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lemur::retrieval::InQueryRetMethod::InQueryRetMethod const lemur::api::Index dbIndex,
double  belief,
int  fbTerms,
double  fbCoef,
bool  cacheIDF

virtual lemur::retrieval::InQueryRetMethod::~InQueryRetMethod  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual lemur::api::DocumentRep* lemur::retrieval::InQueryRetMethod::computeDocRep lemur::api::DOCID_T  docID  )  [inline, virtual]

compute the doc representation (caller responsible for deleting the memory of the generated new instance)

Implements lemur::api::StructQueryRetMethod.

virtual StructQueryRep* lemur::retrieval::InQueryRetMethod::computeStructQueryRep const lemur::api::TermQuery qry  )  [inline, virtual]

virtual lemur::api::ScoreFunction* lemur::retrieval::InQueryRetMethod::scoreFunc  )  [inline, virtual]

return the scoring function pointer

Implements lemur::api::StructQueryRetMethod.

void lemur::retrieval::InQueryRetMethod::updateStructQuery StructQueryRep qryRep,
const lemur::api::DocIDSet relDocs

Create new structured query that is a weighted sum of the original query and the terms selected.

Member Data Documentation

double lemur::retrieval::InQueryRetMethod::defaultBelief [private]

int lemur::retrieval::InQueryRetMethod::docCount [private]

double lemur::retrieval::InQueryRetMethod::docLengthAverage [private]

double lemur::retrieval::InQueryRetMethod::fbCoeff [private]

int lemur::retrieval::InQueryRetMethod::fbTermCount [private]

double* lemur::retrieval::InQueryRetMethod::idfV [private]

lemur::api::ScoreFunction* lemur::retrieval::InQueryRetMethod::scFunc [private]

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