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lemur::retrieval::ProxNode Class Reference

Parent class for all prox operators. More...

#include <QueryNode.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for lemur::retrieval::ProxNode:

lemur::retrieval::QueryNode lemur::retrieval::OdnQNode lemur::retrieval::PassageQNode lemur::retrieval::SynQNode lemur::retrieval::TermQnode lemur::retrieval::UwnQNode lemur::retrieval::PropQNode List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 ProxNode (double wt)
 ProxNode (int id, double weight)
 ProxNode (double w, double d)
 ProxNode (int size, double w, double d)
virtual ~ProxNode ()
virtual double eval (const lemur::api::DocumentRep *dRep) const
 Score as the proximityScore for this document representation.

virtual void updateDocList (int numDocs)
 Intersect the doc lists of the children of this node.

Protected Attributes

int winSize
 Size of the window for this node.

Private Member Functions

double proximityScore (const lemur::api::DocumentRep *dR, double defaultScore) const

Detailed Description

Parent class for all prox operators.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

lemur::retrieval::ProxNode::ProxNode double  wt  )  [inline]

lemur::retrieval::ProxNode::ProxNode int  id,
double  weight

lemur::retrieval::ProxNode::ProxNode double  w,
double  d

lemur::retrieval::ProxNode::ProxNode int  size,
double  w,
double  d

virtual lemur::retrieval::ProxNode::~ProxNode  )  [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual double lemur::retrieval::ProxNode::eval const lemur::api::DocumentRep dRep  )  const [inline, virtual]

Score as the proximityScore for this document representation.

Implements lemur::retrieval::QueryNode.

Reimplemented in lemur::retrieval::TermQnode, and lemur::retrieval::PassageQNode.

double lemur::retrieval::ProxNode::proximityScore const lemur::api::DocumentRep dR,
double  defaultScore
const [inline, private]

evaluate proximity operator against a document Prunes proxList to remove any entries that are no longer relevant to scoring this operator.

virtual void lemur::retrieval::ProxNode::updateDocList int  numDocs  )  [inline, virtual]

Intersect the doc lists of the children of this node.

Implements lemur::retrieval::QueryNode.

Reimplemented in lemur::retrieval::OdnQNode, lemur::retrieval::UwnQNode, lemur::retrieval::PassageQNode, and lemur::retrieval::SynQNode.

Member Data Documentation

int lemur::retrieval::ProxNode::winSize [protected]

Size of the window for this node.

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