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lemurproject::indri::ui::GetPaths Class Reference

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Static Public Member Functions

String getPath (String prog)

Static Private Attributes

final String REGQUERY_UTIL = "reg query "
final String REGSTR_TOKEN = "REG_SZ"
final String PATH_CMD

Detailed Description

Utility class to get the paths to support applications from the Windows registry.

Member Function Documentation

String lemurproject::indri::ui::GetPaths::getPath String  prog  )  [inline, static]

Look up an applicaton in the registry and retrun the full path to the executable.

Member Data Documentation

final String lemurproject::indri::ui::GetPaths::PATH_CMD [static, private]

Initial value:

        "\"HKLM\\SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\App Paths\\"

final String lemurproject::indri::ui::GetPaths::REGDWORD_TOKEN = "REG_DWORD" [static, private]

final String lemurproject::indri::ui::GetPaths::REGQUERY_UTIL = "reg query " [static, private]

final String lemurproject::indri::ui::GetPaths::REGSTR_TOKEN = "REG_SZ" [static, private]

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