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00001 #if !defined(KEYFILE_H)
00002 #define KEYFILE_H
00004 int  unpackn_ptr  (struct ix_block *b, int ix, struct leveln_pntr *p);
00005 int  unpack0_ptr  (struct fcb *f, struct ix_block *b, int ix, level0_pntr *p);
00006 int  get_nth_key  (struct ix_block *b, struct key *k, int n);
00007 int  get_nth_key_and_pntr(struct fcb *f, struct ix_block *b, struct key *k, int n,
00008                    levelx_pntr *p);
00009 void get_page     (struct fcb *f, struct leveln_pntr blk, block_type_t *buf);
00010 void kf_set_bof   (struct fcb *f, int index);
00011 int  kf_next_rec  (struct fcb *f, int index, unsigned char t[], unsigned *key_lc,
00012                    int max_key_lc, level0_pntr *p, unsigned char r[],
00013                    unsigned *rec_lc, unsigned max_rec_lc);
00014 int unpack_lc_key (unsigned char key[], level0_pntr *p);
00015 int unpack_rec_key(unsigned char key[], level0_pntr *p);
00017 #endif

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