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fcb Struct Reference

#include <keydef.h>

List of all members.

Public Attributes

UINT32 error_code
UINT32 version
UINT32 sub_version
UINT32 segment_cnt
UINT32 primary_level [max_index]
UINT32 marker
UINT32 file_ok
leveln_pntr first_free_block [max_level][max_index]
leveln_pntr first_at_level [max_level][max_index]
leveln_pntr last_pntr [max_level][max_index]
UINT64 max_file_lc
UINT64 segment_length [max_segment]
UINT32 data_in_index_lc
char file_name [max_filename_lc]
char file_extension [max_extension_lc]
char * search_block_caller
unsigned char byte_swapping_required
unsigned char trace
unsigned char trace_freespace
unsigned char read_only
int open_file_cnt
int open_segment [max_files]
int file_age [max_files]
int oldest_buffer
int youngest_buffer
int block_shift
F_HANDLE * log_file
F_HANDLE * open_file [max_files]
int segment_ix [max_segment]
int position_ix [max_index]
int seq_cnt [max_index]
int current_age
leveln_pntr mru_at_level [max_level][max_index]
leveln_pntr position [max_index]
buffer_pool_t buffer_pool

Member Data Documentation

int fcb::block_shift

buffer_pool_t fcb::buffer_pool

unsigned char fcb::byte_swapping_required

int fcb::current_age

UINT32 fcb::data_in_index_lc

UINT32 fcb::error_code

int fcb::file_age[max_files]

char fcb::file_extension[max_extension_lc]

char fcb::file_name[max_filename_lc]

UINT32 fcb::file_ok

struct leveln_pntr fcb::first_at_level[max_level][max_index]

struct leveln_pntr fcb::first_free_block[max_level][max_index]

struct leveln_pntr fcb::last_pntr[max_level][max_index]

F_HANDLE* fcb::log_file

UINT32 fcb::marker

UINT64 fcb::max_file_lc

struct leveln_pntr fcb::mru_at_level[max_level][max_index]

int fcb::oldest_buffer

F_HANDLE * fcb::open_file[max_files]

int fcb::open_file_cnt

int fcb::open_segment[max_files]

struct leveln_pntr fcb::position[max_index]

int fcb::position_ix[max_index]

UINT32 fcb::primary_level[max_index]

unsigned char fcb::read_only

char * fcb::search_block_caller

UINT32 fcb::segment_cnt

int fcb::segment_ix[max_segment]

UINT64 fcb::segment_length[max_segment]

int fcb::seq_cnt[max_index]

UINT32 fcb::sub_version

unsigned char fcb::trace

unsigned char fcb::trace_freespace

UINT32 fcb::version

int fcb::youngest_buffer

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