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LocalParameter Namespace Reference

Application specific parameters. More...


void get ()
 Get the application specific parameters.


std::string index
std::string docID
int summLength
int memory
string indexType
string manager
string mgrType
string stopwords
string acronyms
string docFormat
string stemmer
int position
string dataFiles
bool countStopWords
string df
string ctf
string dfDocs
string dfCounts
bool countStopWds
int cutoff
string ranksfile
double initialMu
lemur::utility::String expandedQuery
lemur::utility::String initQuery
lemur::utility::String feedbackDocuments
std::string smoothSupportFile
std::string L2File
std::string query
string qryOutFile
string outFile
std::string dbManager
 database manager

string listFile
 Filename for a list of databases to sample.

string initModel
 Initial query selection model.

std::string queryModel

Detailed Description

Application specific parameters.

Function Documentation

void LocalParameter::get  ) 

Get the application specific parameters.

Variable Documentation

string LocalParameter::acronyms

bool LocalParameter::countStopWds

bool LocalParameter::countStopWords

string LocalParameter::ctf

int LocalParameter::cutoff [static]

string LocalParameter::dataFiles

std::string LocalParameter::dbManager

database manager

string LocalParameter::df

string LocalParameter::dfCounts

string LocalParameter::dfDocs

string LocalParameter::docFormat

std::string LocalParameter::docID

std::string LocalParameter::expandedQuery

std::string LocalParameter::feedbackDocuments

string LocalParameter::index

string LocalParameter::indexType

double LocalParameter::initialMu

string LocalParameter::initModel

Initial query selection model.

std::string LocalParameter::initQuery

std::string LocalParameter::L2File [static]

string LocalParameter::listFile

Filename for a list of databases to sample.

string LocalParameter::manager

int LocalParameter::memory

string LocalParameter::mgrType

string LocalParameter::outFile

int LocalParameter::position

string LocalParameter::qryOutFile

std::string LocalParameter::query

std::string LocalParameter::queryModel

string LocalParameter::ranksfile [static]

std::string LocalParameter::smoothSupportFile [static]

string LocalParameter::stemmer

string LocalParameter::stopwords

int LocalParameter::summLength

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