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string-set.h File Reference

#include <stdio.h>

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struct  String_set


String_setstring_set_create (void)
char * string_set_add (const char *source_string, String_set *ss)
char * string_set_lookup (const char *source_string, String_set *ss)
void string_set_delete (String_set *ss)
void string_set_display (FILE *fp, String_set *ss)

Function Documentation

char* string_set_add const char *  source_string,
String_set ss

String_set* string_set_create void   ) 

void string_set_delete String_set ss  ) 

void string_set_display FILE *  fp,
String_set ss

char* string_set_lookup const char *  source_string,
String_set ss

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