Indri is a search engine that provides state-of-the-art text search and a rich structured query language for text collections of up to 50 million documents (single machine) or 500 million documents (distributed search). Available for Linux, Solaris, Windows and Mac OSX.

No further development is being done with Indri. Please check out our latest project, Lucindri, which is the Indri search logic built on the Lucene search engine.
Lucindri Home Page
Lucindri Source Code on Github


Powerful Query Interface

Flexible Indexing and Document Support

Package Versatility

Scalability and Efficiency


Indri can be obtained from the SourceForge Lemur Project Page.

Release History

The first version (1.0) of Indri was released in Jan 2002. Subsequent releases have been made 2-3 times each year since then. Release notes for the current release can be found on SourceForge.

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