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RelFBEval.cpp File Reference

#include "common_headers.hpp"
#include "IndexManager.hpp"
#include "BasicDocStream.hpp"
#include "RetMethodManager.hpp"
#include "ResultFile.hpp"


namespace  LocalParameter


void GetAppParam ()
 User's application must define this function.

void process (QueryRep *qr, const string &qid, ResultFile *judgments, RetrievalMethod *method, ResultFile *docPool, IndexedRealVector &results, ResultFile &resFile)
int AppMain (int argc, char *argv[])
 User's application must define this function.

Function Documentation

int AppMain int  argc,
char *  argv[]

User's application must define this function.

void GetAppParam  ) 

User's application must define this function.

This package defines a default Lemur main() which calls the application's main function AppMain(), takes care of parameter display, and handles uncaught exceptions.

An application is supposed to supply two functions

1. GetAppParam

This function is to load/read/get the parameter values required by an application.

2. AppMain

This is the main function of the application.

void process QueryRep qr,
const string &  qid,
ResultFile judgments,
RetrievalMethod method,
ResultFile docPool,
IndexedRealVector results,
ResultFile resFile

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