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indri::file::BulkTreeReader Class Reference

#include <BulkTree.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 BulkTreeReader ()
 BulkTreeReader (File &file)
 BulkTreeReader (File &file, UINT64 length)
 ~BulkTreeReader ()
void openRead (const std::string &filename)
bool get (const char *key, char *value, int &actual, int valueLength)
bool get (const char *key, int keyLength, char *value, int &actual, int valueLength)
bool get (UINT32 key, char *value, int &actual, int valueLength)
void close ()
BulkTreeIteratoriterator ()
BulkTreeIteratorfindFirst (const char *key)

Private Member Functions

BulkBlock_fetch (UINT32 id)

Private Attributes

UINT64 _fileLength
bool _ownFile
UINT32, BulkBlock * > 

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

indri::file::BulkTreeReader::BulkTreeReader  ) 

indri::file::BulkTreeReader::BulkTreeReader File file  ) 

indri::file::BulkTreeReader::BulkTreeReader File file,
UINT64  length

indri::file::BulkTreeReader::~BulkTreeReader  ) 

Member Function Documentation

indri::file::BulkBlock * indri::file::BulkTreeReader::_fetch UINT32  id  )  [private]

void indri::file::BulkTreeReader::close  ) 

indri::file::BulkTreeIterator * indri::file::BulkTreeReader::findFirst const char *  key  ) 

Fetchs an iterator that is positioned at the first position of the key (or at the position where the key would be if it does not exist)

key the key to find the first occurence of
an iterator at the position of the first occurance (or NULL on error)

bool indri::file::BulkTreeReader::get UINT32  key,
char *  value,
int &  actual,
int  valueLength

bool indri::file::BulkTreeReader::get const char *  key,
int  keyLength,
char *  value,
int &  actual,
int  valueLength

bool indri::file::BulkTreeReader::get const char *  key,
char *  value,
int &  actual,
int  valueLength

indri::file::BulkTreeIterator * indri::file::BulkTreeReader::iterator  ) 

void indri::file::BulkTreeReader::openRead const std::string &  filename  ) 

Member Data Documentation

indri::utility::HashTable< UINT32, BulkBlock* > indri::file::BulkTreeReader::_cache [private]

File* indri::file::BulkTreeReader::_file [private]

UINT64 indri::file::BulkTreeReader::_fileLength [private]

BulkBlock* indri::file::BulkTreeReader::_head [private]

bool indri::file::BulkTreeReader::_ownFile [private]

BulkBlock* indri::file::BulkTreeReader::_tail [private]

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