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keyprint.h File Reference

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#define KEYPRINT_H


void print_level0_pntr (FILE *list, struct fcb *f, char caption[], level0_pntr *p0)
void print_leveln_pntr (FILE *list, char caption[], struct leveln_pntr *pn)
void print_key (FILE *list, int index_type, struct key *k, char caption[])
void print_index_block (FILE *list, struct fcb *f, struct ix_block *b)
int print_hash_chain (FILE *list, struct fcb *f, int ix)
void print_buffer_caption (FILE *list, struct fcb *f, int index_type)
void print_buffer_MRU_chain (FILE *list, struct fcb *f)

Define Documentation

#define KEYPRINT_H

Function Documentation

void print_buffer_caption FILE *  list,
struct fcb f,
int  index_type

void print_buffer_MRU_chain FILE *  list,
struct fcb f

int print_hash_chain FILE *  list,
struct fcb f,
int  ix

void print_index_block FILE *  list,
struct fcb f,
struct ix_block b

void print_key FILE *  list,
int  index_type,
struct key k,
char  caption[]

void print_level0_pntr FILE *  list,
struct fcb f,
char  caption[],
level0_pntr p0

void print_leveln_pntr FILE *  list,
char  caption[],
struct leveln_pntr pn

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